Social Media Strategies for a Natural Food Company

social media for natural food brands

To effectively market a natural food company on social media, several strategies are required. Here are just a few ideas that we can implement on your accounts: Choose Relevant Platforms: Focus on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and X (formerly Twitter), where engagement with food-related content is high. We’ll ensure that your profiles are complete … Read more

Expert Tips: Optimising Your Instagram Ads for Clothing Brands

instagram ads for clothing brands

Instagram is the perfect place on social media to run ads. Users are interested in top clothing brands, how influencers dress, what clothes to buy for this season, how to accessorise the clothes they have and slow fashion trends. Instagram adverts show off the beautiful clothing you have produced and attract new business. Tips for … Read more

How to hire a Facebook ads manager

social media marketer

Here are 20 tips on how to hire a Facebook ads manager. Hiring the right Facebook ads manager can be a crucial decision for your business as they are a key part of your sales funnel.  1. Determine Your Needs: Before hiring, define your advertising goals and what you expect from the ads manager. Are … Read more

Finding and hiring the right SEO freelancer 

seo specialist

Finding and hiring the right SEO freelancer requires a strategic approach. Search Engine Optimisation is a key part of your marketing efforts. It encompasses technical aspects, user experience, content creation & optimisation, and credibility. You need to trust the right freelancer with your business.  Here are some steps to help you in the process: 1. … Read more

How to Find a Social Media Freelancer

social media marketer

Follow my tips on how to find a social media freelancer that will suit your needs. Social media is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes. It can be used to reach new customers, build relationships with existing customers, and promote products or services. But managing social media can be a lot of work, … Read more