Lost in translation

Working with businesses who use multiple languages can be quite challenging. Everything, from titles and text, to captions for images and links to the correct language translation page needs to be thought of, including disclaimers and error messages. The meaning of language There is also the possibility that a marketing message can be lost in … Read more

What’s wrong with my website image?

There’s a problem with my website – this image isn’t showing. My images don’t look right, what’s wrong? I have spent a great deal of time over the years troubleshooting image uploads on websites. Sometimes, the issue is caused by the file name; the file has been uploaded with a space so it has been … Read more

Employee training on the web

An awful lot of business owners, especially small business owners who are too busy to do it themselves, delegate ‘the website’ to the nearest employee. This can be a good thing or a bad thing and depends on the competence and interest level of the person involved. Early adopters A computer savvy youngster might not … Read more

Get the price right

No, this is not checking the prices of the products that you are actually selling against competition so that you can add enough markup to ensure a good margin, but the boring old job of data entry into the database on your website. I’m currently wading through hundreds of product options correcting someone else’s erroneous … Read more