Employee training on the web

An awful lot of business owners, especially small business owners who are too busy to do it themselves, delegate ‘the website’ to the nearest employee. This can be a good thing or a bad thing and depends on the competence and interest level of the person involved.

Early adopters

A computer savvy youngster might not have the business acumen but be more willing to learn new technology though the familiarity of using it at school or college, whereas a more mature employee might not be as up-to-speed on all things digital but might know the business better or have more experience in customer service or sales. Early adoption of the latest greatest ‘thing on the web’ isn’t necessarily the best strategic plan for a business.

Underperforming website

I am not saying it always does – but this can lead to an underperforming website. Whether this is through lack of knowledge of the web, if the delegate can’t identify new growth opportunities it is a lost opportunity. If they can’t identify where any issues lie with the current offering, there can be fallout from lack of follow up on visitors or loss of data. It’s also the case that new information or accurate information doesn’t get uploaded to the website when it needs to be.

Consider the learning curve

There is a learning curve whenever a company decides to implement new software and that is just as much the case when a new website with an unfamiliar content management system in place behind it is launched. And don’t forget, when this employee moves on or gets promoted, someone else is going to have to pick up that workload. These things are worth considering when choosing a website provider.