Distributed denial of service (Ddos)

A customer of mine learnt the hard way why cheap domains registration isn’t worth it and why disaster recovery plans are essential. The domain registrar who holds all of their domain names on their domain name servers went offline following a ddos attack, taking their website and email service with it. Hundreds of other business … Read more

Logo design and re-design

Which comes first, the chicken or the logo? I can’t tell you how often I have come close to the end of a web project, or even published it only to be told “we’ve decided to change our logo”.  At which point any halfway decent graphic designer will sigh heavily.  Why? Logos are a focal … Read more

Multiple domain name registrations

I’ve seen an insane tendency in myself and other business owners to register domain names “in case I might use them at a later date”. New TLDs are being invented all the time and they can cause a mad rush to register mybusinessname.whatever and ridiculous amounts of money change hands for that domain name you … Read more