What message does your company’s font send out to customers?

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Setting colour aside, do you know what your font says about your company? Fonts can have a gender bias, an age slant and tone of voice. A font can have tone of voice, I hear you say?  Definitely. There are big shouty salesy fonts, clean clear professional fonts and friendly approachable fonts – here are … Read more

Which social media channel to use?

Which social media channel do you use? Do you know why? Have you looked into whether the channel you are using suits your business or your target demographic and their buying habits or do you “have a Facebook page because everyone has one”? Different social media sites for everyone Different social media channels attract different … Read more

What’s wrong with my website image?

There’s a problem with my website – this image isn’t showing. My images don’t look right, what’s wrong? I have spent a great deal of time over the years troubleshooting image uploads on websites. Sometimes, the issue is caused by the file name; the file has been uploaded with a space so it has been … Read more