Websites work harder in 2015

We’re in the run up to the Christmas shut-down and project planning has been done to the year end, so I have been reflecting on the work that has been completed or will be completed this year.

Website basics

When I first started in the business of website design, business owners would come to me and say “I need a website. I don’t want anything fancy, just a couple of pages will do.” And that used to be enough, really. Quite often, they were the first of their industry or their geographical area to ‘go on the web’ and so their website would be found. But now, simple websites no longer cut it.

The Google effect

It is getting harder and harder to be that business who is found on Google, not necessarily first, but well enough to be profitable. It doesn’t help that the rules keep changing and they read like legalese, kind of like government legislation, so keeping up takes a lot of hard work. It’s also getting more expensive, and because it is, investment in the web has got to earn it’s keep and provide a ROI that’s worthwhile.

Clever websites earn their keep

For the last ten or so years, I have been lucky enough to work for agencies that build clever websites, websites that not only provide an attractive shop-front for prospects, but work for the business in other ways, making the business more efficient and at times forming the actual core of the business. It’s more interesting to hear the words “I want my website to work for my business, how can you help?”