We have no marketing plan

Two of my customers, reasonably sized companies turnover in the millions, have no marketing plan, nor any kind of digital strategy that I have been able to unearth. Maybe it’s because they also don’t have a marketing manager, like a lot of businesses*?

They do a bit of this with this company and so and so looks after their website. Anyways, they “pay an agency to look after our SEO” and they don’t really think they need anything else, but they are both about to launch new websites… hmm, can anyone see the fault in the logic?

Paying over the odds for the black art of SEO

Both customers, when asked what the agency is doing for them, can’t answer the question. Now whether that is because I’m not asking the right person and someone else in the organisation knows what they do, I don’t know, but I figure the person who commissions the website should have some idea, surely?

Or whether that’s because the agency do reports (I hear of a lot that don’t, unless they are asked) and the business owner doesn’t understand them – well, I see that as the fault of the agency too – they need to explain what they are doing and what ROI it is bringing back for the money spent. At least that’s my theory.

* By my figuring from the labour force survey 2011 and the business population estimate 2013