Copywriting woes

A friend of mine is a freelance copywriter and she has just taken part in a survey of UK copywriters, most of whom were grumbling about the state of the industry. It seems that a copywriter suffers from the same problem that a graphic designer does, the customer often thinks they know better than the professional.

This was borne out by a conversation at dinner with another freelance copywriter who had her work laid out ready for the printer, when the client decided he needed to make his mark and issue a number of edits at 5 to 5 on a Friday afternoon, subsequently holding up the printing press.

Everyone can write, can’t they?

According to the survey, this is common ground for copywriters and designers, but less common with coders, perhaps because the average customer doesn’t know how to code?

The trouble is, everyone can write, but not everyone can craft copy that is compelling, technically proficient, or search engine optimised, and certainly not grammatically correct. The perception that writing or designing is easy makes for a very low bar of expectation to be set – and begs the question why not just use a wordpress template or write the copy for ourselves?