Kapwing Online Video Tool


I have spent literally hours online recently trying to find an easy to use video tool that anyone can use and that doesn’t cost the earth. I really only wanted a couple of basic things: the ability to upload my own images (multiple) or footage, the ability to add text over the top of images, and the ability to download as an MP4 without losing resolution or the video being resized. That’s not really a lot to ask…. or so I thought….

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What message does your company’s font send out to customers?

font love

Setting colour aside, do you know what your font says about your company? Fonts can have a gender bias, an age slant and tone of voice. A font can have tone of voice, I hear you say?  Definitely. There are big shouty salesy fonts, clean clear professional fonts and friendly approachable fonts – here are … Read more

Design collaboration with business stakeholders

I’m interested to read the UX professionals survey by NN Group as they advocate the use of round tables with the business owner to review the initial designs and pick and choose the best of each design. In my experience, this doesn’t result in a cohesive whole. Many of the designers I have worked with … Read more

No one is signing up to my email newsletters

Let’s overlook the obvious first check to make, which is how many people are visiting that page, and take a quick look at another issue that might be the cause. I tried to sign up this morning to a good cause – it had quite an unusual spam check, I thought – the email newsletter … Read more

The perfect product page

I’m a fan of simple layouts and one of my constant gripes is product pages on eCommerce websites. I just don’t understand why shop owners feel the need to cram endless pieces of twaddle onto their product pages. I want a price and a big buy now button at the very top of the page. … Read more