Kapwing Online Video Tool

I have spent literally hours online recently trying to find an easy to use video tool that anyone can use and that doesn’t cost the earth. I really only wanted a couple of basic things: the ability to upload my own images (multiple) or footage, the ability to add text over the top of images, and the ability to download as an MP4 without losing resolution or the video being resized. That’s not really a lot to ask…. or so I thought….

And then I found Kapwing.

What do I love about Kapwing?

The sign-up process is so super quick! Fantastic. The easy to use interface means I don’t waste time working out what each button means! I can upload multiple images into scenes, reorder the scenes or delete the scenes.

Adding text in Kapwing

There is a text button that is clearly labelled (honestly, I never thought that would be a feature!). You can change the font and the colour and opt to have black or white outlines or none. You can also animate text.

Adding audio in Kapwing

There is a button that is clearly labelled Audio and an easy browse for a file and upload feature.

Adding images in Kapwing

You can upload your own images using the Upload button or you can browse an image library using the Image search button. Great stuff. Once you have added an image to a scene, it is easy to edit it and resize the image or replace it, if you have changed your mind. You can also add layers to a single scene.

Video ratio in Kapwing

Kapwing has around 5 standard ratio sizes including 1:1 and 16:9 and an option for custom dimensions. Note, if you go from custom to a standard size, you can’t go back (at least that I could find!)

Other features

There are a couple other handy features like background colour and shapes that you can add, make transparent and change the colours of. The one feature I miss is being able to change transitions, but not enough to worry about it. I guess there is a compromise between making it easy to use and complex features.

Kapwing pricing

As with most free software, Kapwing add a watermark and you have to pay to remove it. You can do this for as little as $6 for one video. Go check them out, they are worth a visit.