Why Your Business Needs an SEO Audit

As a business owner, you know that you need to be found online so that you can attract new customers and drive your sales forwards. One of the most effective ways to do this is SEO. Regular SEO audits will improve your website’s visibility and performance. Here’s why your business needs an SEO audit:

Identify technical issues

A comprehensive SEO audit will uncover any technical issues with your website such as whether it is mobile-friendly, has broken links or is slow to load. More importantly is identifying if there are any issues with the website’s crawlability so that Google and other search engines can index it. Tech issues can significantly impact your search engine rankings and user experience. By addressing them you can boost your search visibility. 

Optimise website content and keywords

An SEO audit will help you find instances where you can improve on-page optimisation using the right keywords to attract active buyers. This includes optimising title tags, meta data and headers. Intelligent SEO copy uses keywords and phrases to target customers who have the right user intent and are ready to buy. It also ensures you are not negatively impacted by underhand SEO tactics. 

Improve your user experience

The tech SEO audit involves reviewing the overall user experience on your website, how easy it is to use and how engaged it keeps your visitors once they are on the website. This can impact your search engine ranking. Good UX design includes navigation, layout and design. Improving user experience will reduce your bounce rates and send the right signals to Google that your content is useful for users. 

Analyse competitors 

A full SEO audit will look at your competitors’ websites and assess the tactics they are using to get their search engine results. Competitors may be doing SEO well or badly, so you can assess what not to do and what is likely to help your own efforts. The SEO audit will reveal areas where you can outperform your competition and be more effective. 

Algorithm changes

One good reason for regular SEO audits is to keep abreast of any changes the search engines make to algorithms. They are constantly releasing updates which might impact on your SEO and rankings. Knowing what has changed will help your business to stay ahead of the game and grow your business online. Hire a specialist SEO who is up-to-date with changes.

Track your progress

An SEO audit provides a way to measure your website performance over time. The first audit is the baseline and should identify any priority areas of action. Later audits will measure whether issues have been addressed, new issues have arisen, and if changes to the website are gaining traction. The data will provide you with the information your business needs to continually improve SEO strategy. 

Why you need an SEO audit for your business

It’s obvious from the above points that an SEO audit provides the groundwork you need to start improving the presence of your business online. Tech SEO audits will pick up issues. Content assessment will ensure that pages are optimised. 

Regular updates with algorithm changes mean your website continues to excel at gaining traffic and generating leads or sales for your business. Ultimately, the goal is to increase your revenue and Google is a valuable source of potential buyers. 

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