My inbox is full

My inbox is full of emails from Pay4Later, Paypal and Channel Advisor regarding Singles Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday with tips on how to use email marketing to maximise the benefit of these key retail dates and gain those extra sales. It’s also full of the eCommerce retailers that I have signed up for trying to do the same.

Email offers great conversion opportunities

I still meet many online retailers who don’t take advantage of their existing customer data and contact their customers regularly. It is proven that conversion from email marketing is one of the most cost effective forms of promotion, so why are there still companies who don’t use email marketing software to send out emails?

Email frequency

We’ve all encountered that web store that sends you weekly, daily and even hourly emails after you’ve not noticed the box that needed to be ticked or unticked, or the small print was indecipherable or incomprehensible, and been deluged with emails that we didn’t really want. Some of these even contravene the law by not carrying an unsubscribe link. I think the genuine shop owner can make the sign up process clear and they can also spend some time working out how often their customers want to hear from them (you can even ask!)

Kiss me goodbye when I unsubscribe

When I decide I want to unsubscribe from your newsletters Keep It Simple Stupid – make it easy to do so. Forcing a customer to jump through hoops to stop unwanted emails is just asking for trouble and kiss them goodbye – a great marketing tactic is to say something nice at the final unsubscribe page. Even hardened marketers like me have been swayed by we will miss you messages into changing our minds about unsubscribing.