Why am I a bit of a snob about WordPress?

There is a perception that building websites with WordPress is easy, and it is, as long as you want a very basic website with no real functionality. As soon as you need your website to do anything – display a gallery, show social media, provide a contact form – you move into the realm of plug-ins. Some plug-ins are great, don’t get me wrong, I am particularly a fan of those that protect your website from harm. There are literally millions of them that are well built and well maintained.

WordPress plug-ins

So what are the problems with plug-ins? First, there is the headache of the constant updates that face you each time that you log into your WordPress dashboard. These can cause real issues with the version of WordPress and the theme you have chosen to use, as well as the upgrade itself. Who hasn’t had a Windows Update crash and burn their computer? Same story with plug-ins.

Plug-In developers

Then, the real problem with plug-ins, which is that you have no idea who built them, so each and every one of them is a potential open doorway that you have forgotten to lock and secure against problems. Leaving doors wide open is not something that you would do in everyday life but it is something that WordPress users do on a daily basis. Did you choose your original plug-ins carefully? When was the last time you checked if your plug-in was recently updated and still compatible with your version of WordPress? I thought not……

Do I still use WordPress?

Of course I do, always mindful of the developers and plug-ins that I choose to work with. WordPress is genuinely a  brilliant tool to get you and your business started on the web.