Social media management packages

What’s included in social media management packages? The answer is, it depends. There are a few different types of packages for social media, depending on what you need for your business. 

Types of social media management packages

Most packages contain a few elements and of course full service social media includes them all. The most common elements are:

  • Social Media Strategy – this is the big picture strategy covering goals, audiences, tone of voice, brand identity, tactics and more. 
  • Content Creation – this is the creation of content for social media, including copywriting, graphic design and video content. 
  • Community Building – this involves engaging with the audience, providing customer service and interacting with the followers.
  • Social Media Advertising – this includes running Facebook ads, Instagram ads, or advertising on other platforms (X, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc)
  • Social Media Management – a full service including strategy, content creation, scheduling, community building, engagement, advertising and reporting.  

Packages can range from £500 to £5,000 (and more) depending on what the business needs. The price depends on how many social media platforms the business has accounts on. Another factor is how experienced the social media manager is. The business also needs to consider how hands-off they want to be and how much they want to outsource. 

Then there are bolt-on services such as video filming, managing user generated content (UGC), influencer management, social listening and monitoring for brand mentions, social media reviews and training for in-house teams, and other digital marketing like blog post writing, email newsletters, and more. 

In my experience, no two clients are exactly the same. The package is built to help the business achieve their goals in the most efficient way. 

What is the difference between a full service social media management package and a content creation only package?

The biggest difference between a full service social media management package and a content creation only package is the deliverables. 

A full service social media management package will be handled by the social media manager in tandem with the internal team. 

  • The social media manager will develop a social media strategy to reach potential customers on platforms where they spend time. 
  • They will craft messages and copy to engage with this audience.
  • The package may include content creation and research for relevant hashtags.
  • They will schedule the content to go out. 
  • They will engage with the audience and provide customer support, answering comments and direct messages.
  • They will test content to keep the account current, on trend, and engaging.
  • The package may negotiate collaborations, user generated content and influencers. 
  • It may include social listening, brand management and crisis management.
  • The package may run advertising campaigns to support organic growth. 
  • It may include community management e.g. in Facebook Groups

The freelance social media manager will be your dedicated account manager. They will report back on results and make proactive suggestions. 

This level of service comes with a higher cost. It is best suited to a business that wants to outsource their social media and be more hands-off. 

The content creation only package is the most basic of the packages. 

  • It typically includes finding suitable images or videos and resizing them, writing captions and finding hashtags and may include creating graphics using the brand identity.
  • It excludes scheduling the posts and engaging with the audience. The freelance content creator will deliver content to an in-house team member who will manage the accounts. 

This means it is a lower cost package. It is ideal for businesses who have the in-house resources to handle social media. 

Social media management packages

Social media management packages can include a mix of the different services that a freelance social media manager provides. 

It can encompass content creation, graphic design and video production. Or it might cover a full service offering with content creation, community engagement and day-to-day scheduling. 

It may be more community focussed, building relationships with potential customers and maintaining a positive brand reputation. 

And social media management packages might include social media advertising to scale up organic growth. 

The type of package chosen depends on your businesses in-house capability, the budget available, and your goals for social media.  

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