SEO Copywriting for Business Websites

I take a holistic approach to SEO copywriting for business websites. The content needs to use relevant keywords, be compelling copy, be engaging and authentic and not just produced for the bots and provide your website visitors with helpful information. It needs to be formatted in the right way to make it easy to read.  

Features of SEO Copywriting for Business Websites

Keyword Research

Finding the right keywords for your website is key. You want to be leveraging the best keywords for your business in terms of popularity, competition and intent. Keywords form the basis of SEO content and all copy will be built around them. 

Compelling Headlines

SEO copy starts at the top of the page with the headline – the SEO title and meta description. These may be used by search engines in search results. Compelling headlines ensure click throughs. If viewers are intrigued by what they read in search engine results they are more likely to click your website link. 

Natural Copywriting

Especially in these days of AI copy, it is important that SEO copywriting is written for humans. The page must be easy to read and engaging. It should not look like the copy was intended for Google’s robots to index. The keywords need to be used naturally in the text. This will increase engagement and send the right signals to Google

Valuable Information (aka Helpful Content)

Similarly, the information on a business website must be informative and useful for the reader. If it isn’t they are likely to bounce and not be retained as visitors. This is not a good signal for Google. The more helpful the content, the more likely visitors will stay on the site and buy an item and become a customer or ask for customer service and become a lead. 


Website pages need to be easy to read. They need to be formatted in such a way that it is easy to scan the page and find the information required (which is what most website visitors do). If copywriting is long and wordy and it is not broken up into easily digestible paragraphs or bullet points, it will lose the attention of visitors.

A Holistic Approach to SEO Copywriting for Business Websites 

I take a holistic approach to SEO copywriting for business websites. The copy is not a stand-alone feature that will ensure great search engine ranking. The technical aspects such as page speed, layout shifts, and indexability need to be considered. Authority building and backlinks are also key. 

The Benefits Of SEO Copywriting for Business Websites

Why should a business use an SEO copywriter? It brings many benefits to your business; increased exposure on search engines, more clicks and better engagement. It builds on your authority and expertise. Plus it is cost effective.

Increased Visibility & Traffic

This is the ultimate goal of SEO copywriting for business websites. The aim is to improve the website visibility on search engines and be seen by more people. To achieve this, website pages need to be found in the top results. These top results get more clicks than results lower down on the page. 

Targeted Audience Reach

SEO copywriting can be specifically targeted to your prospective customer so that you don’t get a lot of clicks from people who have no intention of buying or who are outside your service area. Every business is looking to reach people who are actively searching for their solution. 

Improved Engagement

As I mentioned earlier, well written SEO content will keep a visitor on the page for longer, reading and engaging with the website. This sends positive signals to Google that the website is valuable and contains helpful content. 

Enhanced Credibility

One of the key points of copy on a business website is to reassure the visitor that you know what you are doing, that you have worked with businesses like them and that you have achieved good results. This builds credibility and trust. And visitors need to trust you before they purchase from you. 

Cost Effectiveness

In the longer term, SEO copywriting is a cost effective marketing method. Organic search engine results cost less than other forms of advertising like print, PPC or paid social. This is key to sustaining the growth of your brand. 

SEO Copywriting for Business Websites

SEO copywriting for business websites brings a range of advantages like increased visibility, more traffic, better targeting of the audience, improved engagement, and increased credibility. Even better, it is a cost effective form of marketing. Need help? Let’s Talk.