Facebook and Instagram ads for independent ethical brands

Facebook & Instagram ads for independent ethical brands

Finely targeted advertising on Meta platforms is a great way to boost engagement and traffic to your website.

Ready to rock at Facebook & Instagram ads?

Meta advertising, done the right way, is a pretty attractive prospect. Who doesn’t want to have more followers, more visitors and more sales?



I have helped hundreds of small and large businesses build high converting websites, send emails, thrive on social media, grow with SEO, Google ads, Facebook & Instagram advertising.


Meta ads manager account review

I will look over your Meta ads manager account and provide you with recommendations for changes to your account.

Facebook & Instagram ads management

A full service offering with campaign strategy, campaign structure, audience building and retargeting, engaging copy & creative, pixel configuration, funnel building, setting budgets, A/B testing, reporting and more.

Meta ads training

I will work with you over a period of time to improve your knowledge of Meta ads so that you can implement the trainings and grow your business.


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Sustainable business directory

I am passionate about sustainability in business and love working with this non-profit to grow brand awareness with SEO and social media

Handmade beds

How we furnish our homes is important as it has an impact on our environment – I am driving traffic to this ecommerce store with Facebook and Instagram ads

Hotel supplier

Hotel and hospitality venues are essential for staycations and someone has to supply them! I provide general marketing support including SEO, copywriting, catalogues, product mocks and emails

Organic coffee

Sustainable and natural food supply is critical to our futures, plus I love coffee 😊 and supporting a startup e-commerce store with Linkedin posts and copy for blogs

IT consultancy

My software development background is useful when copywriting around tech, cyber security and big data for Linkedin

nice things people say about me

I have worked with Annette for the past 8/9 months and found her help and support to be immensely beneficial, as a young business Annette has handled and guided us through a number of key initiatives and programmes of work in a very efficient and professional manner.

It’s been a pleasure to work with Annette and I look forward to building the relationship further.

Richard Brindley, Palle Sport

Annette is making a huge contribution to Blue Patch through her high level organisational skills, social media and blogging talents. Moreover she has a great knowledge of the environment, curiosity about what’s around the corner and genuine care for protecting the planet.  A super-reliable, team-player, Annette is the perfect colleague for our social enterprise. We’re very lucky!

Jane Langley, Blue Patch

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