Linkedin for lead generation?

Linkedin is having a renaissance. Although some of us never left. In particular for businesses that are moving away from Meta and don’t want to be on X any more. Do you use Linkedin for lead generation? Here are my tips for making the most of this platform.

Update your Linkedin profile 

It might seem obvious but those first few lines of headline text are shown in any interactions you have on Linkedin. People will often roll over your profile in a comment to see if you & your business are of any interest. This will improve clicks to your profile and potential connection requests. 

Also, use a professional and clear photo. This might seem old fashioned, but Linkedin is a professional platform. You can make it stand out with great eyeglasses, coloured clothing or a coloured background. 

Build your Linkedin network

Linkedin is all about professional networking so you need to do this to get noticed. Make it genuine and don’t be too pushy, just like you would do at a real in-person event. Connections build on connections so that your posts get seen by more people, which leads to enquiries. 

Create engaging content

Well duh! Engaging content is essential for every social media platform. Think about what your clients need to know, frequently asked questions, what benefits your products or services offer and make sure that people know how to buy or get in touch. 

Engage with other people’s content

If you think someone has posted an interesting piece of content or one that made you react, add a comment. And be nice. Making thoughtful comments that add to the original piece will help establish you as an expert. Share content that you think will be useful to your customers. Simply dashing through your feed liking content isn’t enough to build connections. 

Linkedin Sales Navigator

Linkedin Sales Navigator is a paid feature that can help you to search and find prospects on Linkedin. You will get lead recommendations and can track leads as you progress them. You can access contact details like email addresses in Sales Navigator. You also get InMail credits to message prospects directly.

Do you have to pay for Linkedin Sales Navigator to make sales on Linkedin? No, not in my experience. 

Automate your lead generation

Automation can speed up lead generation considerably and reduce the costs of hiring someone to do the work manually. It is really only useful if you need to generate a large number of leads, i.e. you are a bigger business. My favourite way to use it is to weed out tyre kickers who are a waste of time. 

Post consistently

Like any other social media platform, the more often you post, the more often you show up in people’s feeds. This has the potential for leads and enquiries. If you don’t post, there is no potential. It’s kind of obvious. 

Personalise connection requests

Now, I personally don’t find this works very well, but it can. The reason I think it doesn’t work for most people is that they don’t actually take the time to research the person they are sending the message to. For example, I get multiple connection requests a day offering me social media management services or SEO. 

If you want to send connection messages make them genuine, well researched and helpful for the recipient. 

Use boolean search

Using boolean search can help you find people by specific criteria, e.g. job description, location and industry. This speeds up your search for potential prospects on Linkedin. 

Advertise on Linkedin

Advertising on Linkedin is a great way to expand your reach and automate an aspect of prospecting for lead generation. Linkedin ads can be targeted and with the right creative & sales message, successful in generating leads for your business. 

Hopefully you have found a few nuggets of advice in this list of tips for using Linkedin for lead generation. 

If you need help with creating engaging content for this platform, or running ads on Linkedin, reach out and let’s talk