Is craft beneficial or a complete waste of time?

Just this week I was discussing internet rabbit holes and how they are a complete waste of time …. and now I have spent over 30 minutes looking at craft materials on CraftStash because they are running a bank holiday special offer with free delivery this weekend and I could get some shiny new stuff ….. Enough said.

Craft industry in the UK

For more than half the makers in the UK, crafting is a second career with, actually, quite a reasonable average income. The vast majority of them are sole traders. (Source: Crafts Council)

The area that I live in has a surprisingly high number of artists, sculptors and craftspeople in it, so much so that they hold a festival once a year and you can visit them in their studios. These visits can be a fascinating. Last year I watched jewellers, printmakers, stonemasons and glass blowers creating wonderful items right in front of my eyes.

Crafty income

40% of UK adults have purchased and a further 23% are considering purchasing a ‘craft object’ which makes this a substantial industry, generating in excess of £1.8 billion a year. (Source: Creative Industries Council)

I’m sure all of us know of someone who creates beautiful items (a friend of mine who makes intricate quilts comes to mind). Are you one of those who creates or are you one of those that admires (and buys)?