Inspiring Women: Lindsay Green

Hard working kitchens

Lindsay has a really interesting life story, she has overcome a number of obstacles, including a stroke two years ago from which she is fully recovered.

Creative Chic Kitchen

Why kitchen painting? & other unusual career choices

As a single mum, Lindsay started her business to support herself and her daughter. She first painted her own furniture, 25 years ago, as a result of being unable to afford a cream Laura Ashley dressing table. Friends and family had asked her over the years to help them with their own projects. Creative Chic was a natural progression from there.

Lindsay had given up her high powered career as an area manager for Pinkingtons. That role had fallen into her lap purely by coincidence when she temped for them, as the current area manager resigned, and she had been spotted as a potential replacement. Although it wasn’t a job she’d necessarily have applied for, she knew they wanted her, as they had asked her to apply.  When the company was bought out for the second time, she left and took a year off, accidentally falling into a job doing car valeting, as you do!

People actually requested me specifically because they knew I was so particular (about cleaning their cars properly)”

Starting your own business

In 2011, Lindsay started Creative Chic using the skills she’d built up by painting furniture. Initially, and still today, most of her work comes from word of mouth because she is so good at what she does.

I never get runs, never at all”.

She has learned to skillfully apply multiple spraycoats of paint to her kitchens. The benefit of spraypainting, Lindsay explains, is that unlike roller painting there is no contact of the surface to spoil previous coats. In truth, the real work in spraypainting kitchens is done before painting begins, with the preparatory stripping of previous paint from the wordwork and priming correctly. You get the feeling that Lindsay is pedantic about her prep work and that shows in the quality of her finish. That, and really good quality paint, plus the years of experience are what make her kitchens durable. “It must be scrubbable”, Lindsay says of a kitchen surface.

Physical fitness

Isn’t painting a very physical process, I ask?  The answer is yes, Lindsay replies. I attribute this physical fitness to her quick and full recovery from the stroke.  It is also one of the reasons I think that this kind of career is less attractive to women. In response to a question, I tell Lindsay that I fully expected her to be the marketing arm of a business in which her husband or partner did the actual painting. She laughed and said she gets that a lot!

In addition to the moving of furniture around the workshops, there is the logistics of moving furniture around the country. Creative Chic work with clients around the UK and not just local to their Somerset workshop.  Lindsay has painted kitchens for a few celebrities too, including a couple of England Rugby players.

What’s the most unusual item in your handbag?

Lindsay has established a really good business for herself and is passionate about what she does – we teased her when she pulled a Farrow & Ball colour swatch out of her handbag to discuss the latest trends in colour schemes (dark blue, grey & black are popular schemes in 2018) and the unusual blue, pink, purple and grey scheme chosen by one client. By the way, she could name all the blues & greys when tested by her daughter (Downpipe, Dix Blue, Hague Blue, Stiffkey Blue, St. Giles Blue – the colour of the kitchen shown in the photos).

It turns out that the kitchen, once prepped and painted, can be updated regularly and more easily in the future (as the prep work has been done and the spraypainting method once again proves its value), so a kitchen need not be painted in neutral colours to last.

Find Lindsay on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/creativechic1/

Find out more about her latest project HPKUK (hand painted kitchens UK), which is an elite team of specialist Kitchen Painters across the UK, Ireland, Spain, Jersey and Europe – http://hpkuk.uk/