Hire an SEO freelancer with tech skills

If you need to hire an SEO freelancer, then you will want to know what tech skills to look out for. The best freelancers have a technical background and have content strategy skills (I have both). 

The best content strategy in the world will not help your business if your website is fundamentally broken, so a great way to get started is to get a review done of your website. This independent testing of your website will highlight if there are any problems that need to be addressed before you start adding content. 

SEO Knowledge

This is the obvious one – your SEO freelancer needs experience and understanding of the key concepts of SEO like search engine algorithms, indexing, sitemap submissions, image handling, DNS and site speed.

Analytical Skills

I meet so many business owners who do not have Google Analytics and Google Search Console set up for their business. Hire an SEO freelancer with tech skills who knows how to analyse the data, interpret it, and identify trends so that they can make data-driven decisions. 

Technical Proficiency

At least some knowledge of HTML, CSS and javascript are required to be a successful SEO freelancer. Your SEO specialist may or may not be a web developer who can code, but an understanding is essential. 

Technical SEO

Identifying the technical issues that are preventing the site from being indexed by search engines or users being able to use the site are critical. This includes mobile responsiveness, third party code, cumulative layout shifts and crawl errors. It also includes improvements like structured data markup.  

Algorithm Updates

Algorithm updates are frequent and can impact site performance. The SEO freelancer needs to stay ahead of the changes and know what the current best practice is. For example, the recent Google updates to double EAT (E-E-A-T) mean that a user experience is even more important for SEO. 


A good SEO freelancer communicates well. This keeps you, as the website owner, up to speed with what is happening with your business website, what has been done and what needs to happen next. So many business owners I meet have no idea what their freelancer (or SEO agency) does!

How to hire an SEO freelancer with tech skills

All of these technical skills make a successful SEO freelancer. Don’t be afraid to ask questions before you hire an SEO freelancer with tech skills. Don’t be afraid to ask questions after you are working together too. The best freelancers are able to demonstrate technical skills and can explain what they are doing in plain English, so it is easy to understand for a business owner. 

A great way to start is to get a full technical review of your website done. It gives you a plan for what needs to be done and highlights if anything on the website needs fixing. 

A website review is a good first step in SEO, but remember that SEO is an ongoing process that has to be followed to keep your website showing in search results.  Book a call to discuss how it works and how it can benefit your business.