How to sell handmade furniture on social media

Selling online can be difficult in a competitive marketplace like the handmade furniture market. The price, positioning and product itself will impact on the income. But despite these factors you can still make a healthy income from selling online. Here are some tips for how to sell handmade furniture on social media.

Inspire interiors

Take as many high quality photos as you can and show them off on your social media pages to inspire prospective buyers and show them how handmade furniture will look in their home. Any photos of desirable homes that include your products will inspire followers to buy, especially if they are wannabe interior designers. 

Social media content types

It helps to have a good mix of content types to make your posts more engaging. Here are some of the most successful content types that e-commerce brands can use.

User generated content

User generated content is critical in this day and age of influencers. Even if the person who is sharing the UGC on their platform doesn’t have a high number of followers, if they are interior design specialists or have beautiful homes, the posts are going to attract people who want to copy the look. 

Video content

Video content brings a room alive. The movement in a video stands out in a social media feed and attracts attention. Using video to showcase your products or happy user reviews will improve reach on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. 


Across client accounts it is interesting to see that carousel posts are performing well for ecommerce brands. They allow a follower to flick through a look book and find furniture that suits their style and their home. This is particularly true when a piece of handmade furniture can work in both contemporary and classic homes. 

Paid social advertising

The Meta platforms are all pay to play, and have been for a very long time. If you want to increase your reach, grow your business, and sell handmade furniture, you will likely need to pay for some social media advertising. 

Remember the customer journey

The customer journey for higher priced items like furniture, cars, computers and so on is longer. People shop around for these kinds of items and don’t buy on impulse (as much as they do for clothes, pets, sports, and cookware for example). 

Reassure your buyers

The success of handmade furniture sales on social media depends on your reputation. It is essential that you reassure your buyers with social proof, independent reviews and great customer service offering. 

On and off platform user experience

Sales of handmade furniture rely on both the on and off platform experience. Buyers are likely to check out your website and online reviews, even if they then purchase on social media. 

Your website user experience will influence them on whether to purchase or not. Do you have attractive images of the product? Can they see the product clearly enough to make a buying decision? 

Can they find delivery and return information? Is the website quick to load and easy to use? Even small issues can make the difference as to whether a visitor converts or leaves and doesn’t return. 

How to sell handmade furniture on social media

Hopefully you have found these tips on how to sell handmade furniture on social media. The most successful accounts use video, user generated content and inspiring photographs. Their websites work well. And brands can combine organic and paid social media posts to achieve the results they are looking for – selling more. If you need help with selling handmade furniture on social media, book a free call.