The theme of my holiday has been generosity


The theme of my holiday (and my first week back at work) has been generosity. Generosity not necessarily of a material nature, but of time and knowledge. People have taken the time to invite me into their homes, to spend time showing me their favourite places (blue lagoons) and activities (snorkelling, sailing and hiking). Entrepreneurs have explained their business ideas to me and shown me the inner workings of their businesses. People have shared their future career concerns with me. Experts have given me knowledge about business psychology and market research. None of them asked for payment and nor did I charge for the career counselling 😉 It is wonderful.

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Inspiring Women: Dr. Sue Black

A woman in tech

Sue is an Honorary Professor at University College London in the Department of Computer Science and a Senior Research Associate at the University of Cambridge. An outstanding advocate for women in tech, Sue founded BCS Women (a network for women in tech) and #techmums (a social enterprise that empowers women through technology). By 2020 TechMums aims to have 1 million women in the worldwide network.

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Inspiring Women: Lindsay Green

Creative Chic Kitchen

Hard working kitchens

Lindsay has a really interesting life story, she has overcome a number of obstacles, including a stroke two years ago from which she is fully recovered.

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Is craft beneficial or a complete waste of time?

get crafty

Just this week I was discussing internet rabbit holes and how they are a complete waste of time …. and now I have spent over 30 minutes looking at craft materials on CraftStash because they are running a bank holiday special offer with free delivery this weekend and I could get some shiny new stuff … Read more