Xmas is a four letter word (at least in August)

We’ve already started discussing Christmas in the office. Colleagues have spotted Christmas items in the shops and adverts are creeping in. Now, I totally understand why, from an e-commerce shop owner point of view they need to optimise the amount of sales they make between now and the end of the year but not everyone feels that way.

Super organised mums

We mothers have to be super organised, and though I have a long list of birthdays to get through in the next couple months, I have also started planning Christmas gifts particularly for those friends and family that live overseas.

Wishing you a merry Christmas!

Top of my wish list this year is jewellery, which I think is always a special treat, like the chunky charm chains from Tilly Sveaas.

I also need/want to replace my trusty yellow Radley handbag that was ruined by a spillage this year. One that I can’t even blame on the toddlers. My beloved Radley is admired by everyone and is the conversation starter I have used to my advantage at networking events and in shopping malls.

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I’m admiring this pretty pink handbag by Kate Spade, the stripey inside appeals to my sense of humour…..although I also like the really bright cherry/vivid combo of the Cedar Street Hayden Satchel, my sister would have an apoplectic shock as she hates pink/red as a colour scheme.

These are closely followed by the usual suspects of clothes, perfume and candles. As I will probably devote my energies to the presents I need to purchase for friends and family, I may have to leave these ideas as hints for SO and other loved ones to buy on my behalf 😉