Save money on Facebook adverts by nailing that niche

Hi there. Today, I’m going to talk about how audiences can contribute to your Facebook ad strategy .From an advertising strategy perspective Facebook ads is an absolutely amazing opportunity. And the reason that it is is because you can really fine tune your audience in Facebook ads. Here’s an example just recently, someone approached me who wanted to work with high-flying financiers in London.

He didn’t have a very big budget to play with so he needed to make sure that every dollar counted. I asked him a couple of questions and here’s the questions that I asked him, who exactly do you want to reach? So what is their gender? What’s their age? Where do they live in London? What do they do when they’re outside of working hours?

So in other words, where will you find these people and where could you reach them at. I also asked him which pain points he solved. So what solution was he offering to these people and how did that help them in their lives? We were able to use those questions to really fine tune his audience and take it down from the millions of people that a generic London audience would be down to a very targeted audience using his criteria. We were also able to add a couple of exclusions to his audience, to bring the audience size down, to one manageable for his budget.

Podcast cover - Facebook ads audiences

When you work with somebody like me and I combine the organic and the paid advertising strategies together to bring you the best results and when you work with somebody like me, you have to look at the whole picture.

So even once you’ve decided on an audience, you then have to make sure that the ad copy and creative really speaks to that audience so that they click through. And once you’ve got them in the funnel, then you need to make sure you know what is going to happen next after they’ve clicked. Do you know how to use your audience targeting on Facebook in order to improve your budget and make every pound that you spend worth it? If you don’t and you still need help, let’s talk.