Content for mobile

LOVE the article by Dan Scott for econsultancy about golden rules for responsive web design as he mentions content first for mobile (also because it talks about hierarchy of content, but that’s another post). So many times the website gets to content ready stage and the content doesn’t fit the design or no-one has thought about it, so the old site’s content gets ported across to the new site and “we’ll review it later” (which never happens).

What is the point in paying a lot of money for a web site redesign if you don’t put new content in it? How is the old content going to make the new website work for you any better than the last one?

I don’t believe this is the job of your web designer/ digital agency, unless you have paid them to draw up your digital strategy/ content strategy or to copywrite for you. If you’ve paid them to provide SEO services, this makes them semi-responsible to at least prompt you into a content plan so that they can review it for optimisation purposes. If you’ve not agreed any of the above, the onus is on you, the business owner, to organise the plan or pay someone with the knowledge to do it for you.